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Sony Alpha A7R

  • 36.4MP Full Frame Exmor CMOS Sensor.
  • E-Mount with support for FE,E & A mount lenses with adapter.
  • No Optical Low-Pass Filter.
  • Bionz X Image Processor.
  • Sealed Magnesium alloy body.
  • 3.0″ Tiltable TFT LCD.
  • Electronic Viewfinder.
  • ISO sensitivity Auto, 100-25600 (Extended Mode: 50-)
  • Continues shooting up to 4 FPS.
  • Full 1080/60p Video with Remote Capture
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Downloadable apps.
  • Multi-Interface Shoe.
  • No inbuilt flash.




Finally got my hands on one of the best Mirror less Camera in this price range, Yes Thanks to Sony Middle East got the Sony Alpha A7R, Sony 16-3 & 24-70mm. F4 ZA OSS Carl Zeiss lenses for testing.

I was very excited about this camera as I have heard lot about it & I was really surprised when I got it in my hands. It is really a small camera :) felt like any normal point & shoot camera, the weight was merely around 500g. hmmm that is very low compared to other professional cameras …Since I have heard a lot of positive feedback about this camera I wanted to test it under several condition mainly low light.

My 1st opportunity came when we planned a group photo-walk with our UAE Landscapers members, I was sure I will be shooting Milky way but it wasn’t planned. Once we reached the desert I started taking some test shot & I must say in complete darkness using the menu buttons were really tough for me, but I got used to it in some time. It was time to look for composition & shoot some pics so my friend Gilbert came up with the light painting Idea & I must say it turned out pretty well :)

I was able to bring back lot of detail in the Milky way while keeping the highlights in control. I ended up with whooping 50mb JPEG file after editing the image.

“The Unknown VII”

Camera – Sony Alpha A7R
Lens – FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS Focal Length – 16mm Shutter Speed – 20 sec Aperture – F/4 ISO/Film – 3200

#sony #sonymea #MySonyMEA #sonyA7R  #astrophotography #desert #milkyway #nightsky #sand #stars #tree

#galaxy #dubai #landscape #middleeast #night_photography #dpphotography #prakash

I was very happy with the performance of this small beauty but I was feeling restless to shoot more :) & headed out mid-week to UAE’s highest place “Jabal Al Jais” since it was middle of the week had to go alone but at last moment my friend Sajeesh agreed to come with me & we headed out for a 250km. long drive.Once we reached the top of Jabel Al Jais, I took some test shot to checkout how the surrounding was but I got very disappointed by seeing the amount of Light Pollution around the mountain :( I thought it will be dark as were at the height of 1800mt. above sea lvl. But nope I was wrong.Once back I ended up doing a Panorama of the whole place, must say the file was huge for handling & a 6 vertical shot panorama didn’t make my life easy I had to edit 5gb psd file ( so make sure to have a good system if you plan to edit / blend panorama), Sony A7R performed well once again under this settings & I am happy to see a clean result :)But what I noticed is the lack of battery life it can’t handle more than 300-400 images & with long exposure the no. of images goes further down, but I think with a battery pack & with extra battery this is not a big issue…

“The Unknown VIII”

Camera – Sony Alpha A7R
Lens – FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS Focal Length – 16mm Shutter Speed – 25 sec Aperture – F/4 ISO/Film – 3200

#sony #sonymea #MySonyMEA #sonyA7R  #astrophotography #mountain #milkyway #nightsky #sand #stars #highest #galaxy #dubai #landscape #middleeast #night_photography #dpphotography #prakash

After few Night outings I was very certain that Sony A7R is not a toy it’s built for photographers who know how to push the limits of their gear.Next I planned for a City scape shoot around Dubai & Abudhabi & started with our very own “Dubai Marina” I decided to shoot during the ‘blue hour’ so after office I headed out to one of my favorite location in “Palm Jumeirah”. As soon I reached to the spot I realized it’s a very bad day for shooting. Since I was near the Sea it was very humid & hot & the surrounding was not very clear, but I decided to stay back & shoot some images. When I finished I was totally drenched.Once back I opened up the images to get disappointed as the conditions were bad my images ended up soft & full of fine dust, haze but I was surprised to see how much detail I was able to bring back from those dead images. I was able to restore lot of detail & was able to make it fine enough where I could do what I wanted with the image. Sony A7R’s 36MP sensor gave me enough hidden information in the Raw file which is not visible through naked eyes..

“Gotham City II”
Camera – Sony Alpha A7R
Lens – FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS Focal Length – 70mm Shutter Speed – 30 sec Aperture – F/11 ISO/Film – 100

#sony #sonymea #MySonyMEA #sonyA7R  #cityscape #milkyway #architecture #black and white photography#blending #nightsky #sand #stars #highest #galaxy #dubai #landscape #middleeast #night_photography #dpphotography #prakash

Now I am really comfortable with this camera, for me this is really good Light weight, compact small body, good control in high iso, bigger & better quality images since I love to print my images :)My next stop was Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque this place is a architectural beauty & one can’t find a better place to try out the camera’s quality to capture details…

The Grandeur II”

Camera – Sony Alpha A7R
Lens – FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS Focal Length – 16mm Shutter Speed – 0.4 sec Aperture – F/9 ISO/Film – 200

#sony#sonymea#MySonyMEA#sonyA7R #architecture#blending


Above Image at 100% crop.. Awesome quality :)











Before handing back the camera to Sony I wanted to try out one more thing, how does the camera focus behaves in a pitch dark environment & how would the image quality be when the shutter is open for more than 30sec..So I headed to one of UAE’s darkest place with few of my friend Akhter, Shadi, Anushka & Deepu.

“The Unknown IX” 

Camera – Sony Alpha A7R
Lens – FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS Focal Length – 16mm Shutter Speed – 180 sec Aperture – F/4 ISO/Film – 3200

#sony#sonymea#MySonyMEA#sonyA7R  #astrophotography#mountain#milkyway #nightsky#sand#stars#highest
#galaxy#dubai#landscape#middleeast #night_photography#dpphotography#prakash

This image was exposed for 180sec. & was taken using a star tracker. Without the tracker such long exposure will give trails in the star which happens due to the Earth’s rotation.


To conclude Sony is a serious contender in the Digital imaging sector. We have one of the best, smallest & lightest full frame interchangeable camera in this range.

Like : –

  • Small & a great fit in the hand with Solid build (no more travelling with heavy gear).
  • Tiltable screen which helps in difficult shooting angels(no more back pain).
  • Large LCD which helps checking out the images in detail.
  • Simply love the high res. Electronic view finder.
  • Superb image quality in Raw mode.
  • Great control with high ISO images.
  • Love the Image peaking option.
  • Awesome duel axis electronic lvl.
  • Inbuilt WiFi & 3rd party software availability.
Dislike : –

  • Short battery life (but can be solved with a battery grip).
  • Shutter delay is complicated in bracketing mode (somehow it stops working with long exposure).
  • Controls are little on trickier side requires lot of attention (but can be get used to after some time use).
  • Image stabilization is required with this huge Sensor.
  • Very sensitive eye sensor.
  • Remote capture software lacks live preview (somehow messes up the focus even it’s in Manual focus).

Gear Courtesy :-


https://www.facebook.com/SonyMEA : Middle East

https://www.facebook.com/SonyAfrica: Africa

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